Sienfeld Reruns

When I say I'm lame and you tell me I'm not, that's like the equivalent to i love you in my head.




35/365 days of music

but why do i feel so old
cause i know im still so young
all comes down | kodaline


Kodaline - One Day (2014 version)


Kodaline || Way Back When


song of the day

"my head is saying this is for the better, i just want you to know. i can’t hold on forever, when all i wanna do is let go." Kodaline : After the Fall


When people you hate talk about your favourite band


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All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem cover)- Kodaline

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Kodaline - High Hopes

In a Perfect World


You filled up my glass, with promises that could never last
And I still find pieces of you in the back of my mind

And all of the things that we once said, they’re not in my heart,
they’re in my head
That was the time to say goodbye let’s put it to rest yeah, let it die



Song of the day

Okay, so basically I never did anything productive today except for watch Amelie, the movie. I should have went for a bike ride and listen to this song but I cut my foot near the ankle so every movement causes me to either bleed or have stinging pain—not fun. Anyways, here’s a song of the day and yeah, why don’t we just dance around in your backyard with those lanterns hanging off the branches of that big old oak tree?